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Scholarship Recipients

Here are profiles on some of the past recipients of scholarships awarded through the Taranaki Careers and Training Expo Trust.

Jessica Brown - 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Ever since I was little I have always been passionate about helping people. I love science particularly biology, but I was always unsure which career path I wanted to follow. My time at Sacred Heart Girls’ College New Plymouth, and at the Taranaki Careers Expo, has allowed me to both realise my passions and combine them into my dream career plan, to become a Registered Nurse. After my studies I would love to travel as a nurse to different areas, helping supply healthcare to the most needy people in society. Receiving this scholarship will help to enable me to reach my full potential during my Bachelor of Nursing at the Western Institute of Technology Taranaki for which I am extremely thankful for.

Jaime Livingstone - 2015 Scholarship Recipient

From a very young age I have always wanted to have a job where I can help people, which led me to wanting to become a nurse.  I will be attending WITT and doing the Bachelor of Nursing. Thank you for awarding me this scholarship and helping me to pursue my dreams.

Jacinta Seed - 2015 Scholarship Recipient

My career aspiration is to become a Physiotherapist. I have always had a strong interest in sport and health and hope to have a career where I can help other people and make a greater impact in their lives. Further on after my studies I would love to travel the world within the Physiotherapy work force as well as travelling along side national and international sports teams. 

Having the opportunity to receive this scholarship, has given me greater motivation towards pursuing my dream and succeeding to my potential. 

Steven Mead - 2015 Scholarship Recipient

My time at school has shown me my love for the outdoors and also the physics behind why everything works. This has led me to studying towards a degree in engineering at the University of Canterbury. This should equip me to form a career that allows me to work with the outdoors to design and manage engineering projects.

The Scholarship will be used to allow me to put extra time in to making the best use of the knowledge I can gain while studying.


Olivia Forman - 2014 Scholarship Recipient








My time at New Plymouth Girls' High School and involvement with the Treasury Schools' Challenge (2013 & 2014) has allowed my passion for economics and finance to flourish. As such, I intend to study a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Victoria University of Wellington beginning in 2015. 

In short, through my studies and subsequent career as an accomplished economist, I am to improve the lives of others - not just myself.

 Olivia Forman



Sarah McKie - 2013 Scholarship Recipient

As a young child I have always been very organised and have loved planning events, I am very grateful to have received this scholarship as it will assist with the financial expenses during my Events Management course. I attend Sacred Heart Girls’ College and currently in Year 11. Once I have finished my studies my dream goal is to be one of the organisers who run the Olympic Games.

Sarah McKie






Victoria Hill - 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Thank you very much for awarding me this scholarship.

I am currently a year 3 nursing student through WITT and also ride BMX at an international level. My passion is in emergency/trauma medicine and my goal once graduated, is to gain a job in an emergency department.

The financial assistance provided to me through this scholarship allows me to spend more time focusing on both my academic requirements and my BMX career.

Thanks again for your support,

Victoria Hill





Ashley Cronin - 2012 Scholarship Recipient

My career aspiration is to become a Pharmacist. I have always had a strong interest in biology and chemistry and hope to have a career where I can help people and make a positive difference to their lives. I would love to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research and development overseas or would like to own my own pharmacy.

Receiving this scholarship will help me with my career aspirations as it has given me even more motivation to succeed as well as some much needed financial assistance.

Ashley Cronin




Scott Duynhoven - 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Hi, my name is Scott Duynhoven and I am currently enrolled at the University of Waikato. After thoroughly enjoying chemistry and physics at Inglewood High School, I decided to further that path and undertake a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours), specializing in Chemical and Process Engineering. After my four year course I intend to work in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry as this field has many exciting opportunities in Taranaki. The Taranaki Careers Expo Scholarship has helped me on this journey by financing my textbooks, lab equipment and safety clothing, as well part of my course fees.