AUGUST 14th & 15th 2022

Scholarship Recipients 2019


Fletcher Moles

Fletcher is a Year 13 at New Plymouth Boys High School. His plan for 2020 involves attending Waikato University to study a Bachelor of Laws minoring in Environmental Planning. With Excellence already achieved in NCEA Levels 1 and 2, Fletcher aims to achieve Excellence again in Level 3. 

Fletcher is a keen canoe racer – a sport he picked up two years ago and has gone on to become one of the best male competitors in his age group. He’s also an active member of the East End Surf Lifesaving Club, where he’s a volunteer lifeguard during the summer and has a strong history in lifesaving sport.

Fletcher plans to enter the environmental law sector after his studies, looking to pursue a career as either an urban planner or environmental barrister.


 Estella Van Der Lee


Estella’s dream is to be an environmental lawyer. In 2020, she plans to begin her tertiary studies with a Bachelor of Law at the University of Otago and would like to go on to complete her Master of Law, then Doctor of Law.

Estella attended Stratford High School and was a high-achieving student in both academic and leadership pursuits. She achieved Excellence in NCEA Levels 1 to 3, received public speaking awards, captained and co-captained sporting teams and took up a number of voluntary leadership positions as a student.

Estella says she is passionate about the environment and also has a strong sense of justice. This year, she travelled to the Seychelles Islands to volunteer in a Marine Conservation program. As an environmental lawyer, she’d like to campaign for the environment but also empower communities to fight for their own causes.


Jeremy Johnston (Top)

Jeremy is a Francis Douglas Memorial College student and community volunteer with a well-planned pathway to a career as a registered nurse.


He’s a dedicated student, achieving Excellence for both NCEA Levels 1 and 2. Outside of school, he has a passion for service and community. He is involved with the Catholic Parish of New Plymouth and is an active member of St John Ambulance as an event volunteer and youth leader.


Jeremy’s developed a passion for mental health advocacy and actively organises events, fundraisers and dinners with the motivation of simply helping others. He says he is committed to serving those in his community who often find themselves on the outside.


Next year, Jeremy plans to enrol in the Bachelor of Nursing programme at WITT. His goal is to graduate and practice as a registered nurse; a vocation that will see him continue serving his community through his work.