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Apply for Scholarships


How to Apply for Scholarships

*Scholarships* of up to $1,000 are available through the Taranaki Careers and Training Expo Trust Board. The money can be used to fund post-secondary education by paying course fees, course-related costs or costs associated with he apprenticeships. Entrants must be intending to further their education in a recognised course offered by a university, polytechnic, technical institute, wānanga, private training establishment or approved training programme.

*The Scholarship will be retained by Taranaki Careers and Training Expo Trust and uplifted at the time of enrolment.

Prepare a personalised career plan using the following

• State your career pathway.
• Describe how your personal qualities, skills, values and interests relate to this career pathway.
• Research the duties, skills, training and qualifications that are required for this career pathway.
• Design a career plan (time line) taking you from the present to the completion of your training - give dates for each step in your        plan. Included in this should indicate where the scholarship money will be used.
• Bibliography or list of resources used to gather this information, including an outline of  your visit to the Taranaki Careers and  Training Expo.

Judging Criteria

• Personal Qualities etc - how well do you relate to this career pathway?
• Depth of research into duties, skills, training and qualifications.
• Career plan (time line), dates and research.
• List of resources
• Presentation - originality and effort.
• Accuracy of research.


Taranaki Year 12 or 13 secondary students or anyone wishing to further their education or start a new career are eligible. Entrants must be New Zealand Citizens or have permanent resident status.

Deadline: Friday 6th September 2024

Download Print Out Here:

Download File

 Physical entries to be lodged with;
 Taranaki Career and Training Expo Trust
 Post: Taranaki Careers and Training Expo Trust, c/o  WITT Private Bag 2030, New Plymouth 4342

Your name, address, contact phone number and school must be clearly printed on the entry.


Apply For The $1000 Scholarships That We Have Available Here.

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