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Terms & Conditions

Taranaki Careers expo 2023

Allotment of Sites
In 2014, we took a new approach to organising booths to correlate better with the Vocational Pathways. Sites have been allocated according to space bought, and on the basis of payment. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any exhibit which is not germane to the purpose of the Expo. The organisers reserve the right to alter the exhibition plan as they think fit without acceptance of liability for such action.

Bookings must be accepted and confirmed prior to the start of the Taranaki Careers Expo. Payment is required in full to confirm your booking.

No exhibitor shall permit their exhibition site to be used in such a manner as to conflict with the objectives of the Expo or the rights of other exhibitors. In the event of any dispute arising between exhibitors, the Organisers will be responsible for arbitrating a settlement.

Damage to Property, Drivers etc
The building and site system provided must, as the completion of the event be in the same condition as at the time of the exhibitor was granted possession of the site. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to the hired site and fittings and shall repair the property to its prior condition, or the Organisers shall arrange for any repairs at the Exhibitor's cost. No nails or screws shall be used on dividers and any damage will be charged for.

Dangerous Goods
No explosives, dangerous goods or gasoline shall be brought into the building without the prior written consent of the Organisers and without the authority of the local Fire Board and the Inspector of Explosives and Dangerous Goods.

Electrical Work
The Organisers' electrician will be responsible for the electrical power supply to each site. Electrical work on the site is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and must comply with NZ Safety Requirements.

Event Cancellation
The Organisers shall not be liable in any way if the event is postponed, cancelled or terminated because of a national emergency, riot, commotion, industrial dispute, NZ Government or local authority action, fire or any other matter or thing beyond the control of the organiser or their agents. Should the Organisers cancel the event for any other reason; a full refund of site fees will be made.

Exhibitor Displays

All display equipment and material must be kept within the confines of the rented site(s) and safely secured at all times.

Legal Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to ensure that all components of their exhibit comply in all respects with such legal and local government requirements as may be in force at the time of the event.

Name Tags
All Exhibitors are requested to wear exhibitor tags clearly identifying them (and their organisation) to enable access to the Exhibitors lounge and cafe.

Exhibitors are welcome to use amplifiers or videos on the basis that the noise level does not interfere with any other exhibitors.

The TSB Stadium has a large adjacent parking area.

The site rental covers the cost of the space, dividers, a single power supply, one table and two chairs. Other equipment such as video, internet connections, special floor covering and floodlighting is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Site Acceptance
Upon the Organisers notifying a site Exhibitor of the acceptance of their booking form by sending an invoice. This automatically implies the full acceptance of these conditions.

Site Cancellation
A 75% refund will be considered by the organisers on cancellations made in writing prior to 12th June 2023. Any refund for cancellations made after this date will be at the discretion of the Organisers.

Sites - Risk
All displays, equipment, exhibitions, etc are at the risk of the Exhibitor and the Organiser shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage or claim in any way relating to their exhibit. The Exhibitor indemnifies the Organisers, their agents, and the owners of the building against their accountability or liability for any damage, loss or harm or injury to the person or any property of the exhibitor, however, caused, nor for goods sent to the venue before, during, or remaining after the event.

Visitor Entry
Entry to the Taranaki Careers & Training Expo will be free for all visitors. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person.

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